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Lori Gaspar
9:20 am

Creating Peace in a Troubled World

When I hear of the tragedies that others are suffering around the world and right here at home, it affirms my belief that we need to keep teaching and practicing the deep tradition of yoga. The underlying message of yoga philosophy is that we are all connected by a divine essence. So when we hurt another, we hurt ourselves. The practice of yoga helps us see ourselves clearly, who we really are. First we become aware of how our bodies, mind and breath move. Then we slowly realize that we have a deeper aspect that is holy, divine, sacred, complete and perfect. How can we change the world and make it more peaceful? By seeing the Divine in others and acting accordingly, whether it is at your job, the grocery store or at family gatherings Read More

Lori Gaspar
8:18 am


One of the most valuable things I have learned in yoga is to pay attention. To your self, to your surroundings, to your tasks, to your loved ones. So when your teacher is asking you to lift your pinky toe or watch your breath or move your shoulder blade, it is training you to pay attention to all these things that are with you all the time but you never notice. The ability to notice what was once invisible and is now obvious helps you experience life to its fullest. Read More

Lori Gaspar
8:07 am


Happy 4th of July! Today is the day we celebrate our independence as a country. In Sanskrit, the word for freedom is Moksha, which means liberation from all the things that bind us. According to yoga philosophy, it is the highest of the 4 goals of human life. Read More