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  • "Prairie provides a real approach to yoga. The teachers are experienced and bring a true yogic practice to the studio. The community is kind and friendly and I recommend it all the time. I appreciate the detailed alignment cues. The depth it provides for me as I follow my breath and work at quieting my mind is truly 'yoga', not just another yoga gym class. I appreciate the advanced teachers and training Prairie provides, as well as the whole 'yogic' experience with om, chanting, pranayama, meditation and life talk."

    - Laury Hartman, Naperville, IL

  • "I learned so much from the 500 Hour Advanced Training.  I think of your studio as the 'University of Yoga.'" 

    - Juli Cronin, Elmhurst, IL 

  • "Prairie Yoga Teacher Training is a strong, well-balanced program that prepares its students to teach in any setting – from a health club to a private yoga studio."

    - Laura Gibson, Glen Ellyn, IL

  • "I hold you and the teachers in our training in the highest esteem. You really are the Yale of yoga training."

    - Ruta Kulys, Springfield, IL

  • "Our exposure to several strong master teachers throughout the year deepened my comprehension of yoga principles. Classes were well organized and presented complex material in a logical, relate-able way. I appreciated the flexibility and support whenever students' personal lives called their focus away from coursework."

    - Peg Kolinski, Glen Ellyn, IL

  • "Because I went to Prairie Yoga, I've been able to get jobs that I would not have gotten if I'd gone to any other school."

    - Julie Hopkins, Winfield, IL

  • "Prairie teachers use all the core values that yoga encompasses. The level of authenticity and commitment really made the experience life changing! I would recommend this training to others, knowing with certainty that Prairie trains yoga instructors with a complete understanding of a safe and proper alignment-based practice."

    - Erin Hilbert, Grand Rapids, MI

  • "The 500-Hour Teacher Training Program is very much a part of my teaching. The knowledge and training I have gained at Prairie have given me the resources to teach in a much more comprehensive fashion. Please accept my thanks for helping me become a teacher who can offer her students a very rich yoga experience—and who also wants to keep learning!"

    - Lesley Ronson Brown, Wheaton, IL

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  • "I like everything about Prairie Yoga. Soon to turn 70, I realized I had to do something to improve balance and flexibility, and decided to give yoga a try. I started about 5 months ago, a complete newbie. Prairie's website was the only intelligent yoga studio website I could find in researching options not too far from my house--so I walked in and signed up. So far, I've probably taken classes from 5 instructors--each one different and every one masterful. Group classes feel like semi-private classes, whether there are 4 students in attendance or 14. I leave each class feeling like the instructor understands and makes accommodations for each student's level of ability and physical limitations. I love how well equipped the studios are--something I took for granted until recently when I took some yoga classes while on vacation. They offered mats and blocks, but that was it--what a difference! Now I appreciate those chairs and ropes and blankets and weights even more. Prairie Yoga is a class act all the way around, and I am a very happy student. Thank you!"

    Mary Holt, Lisle, IL
  • "Training at Prairie Yoga was one of the best decisions of my life. The training was very thorough and rigorous. It was not easy and we covered a wide amount of information on yoga - not just the postures. I would wholeheartedly recommend Prairie Yoga to anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of yoga and gaining tools to become a highly qualified yoga teacher."

    Brett Samuels, Oak Park, IL
  • "I took my first class at Prairie Yoga with Lori for the Multi-Style Yoga 2-3 class... Lori was honestly one of the best teachers I've ever had. She is so knowledgable in all aspects of yoga; anatomy, Sanskrit, philosophy, etc... She has such a warm presence and made me feel right at home. Being a teacher myself, I believe it is mandatory to always remain a student... I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take a class with Lori and I definitely plan on being back in the future."

    - Jessica Tibbles
  • "I am extremely impressed with the instructors who have trained with Prairie Yoga!  I do the hiring and supervision of our instructors here at the Vaughan Athletic Center and I can definitely see that the instructors who have are certified through Prairie Yoga are top notch! Thank you for doing such a great job in preparing them to provide quality, enjoyable classes!!!!"
    Kellie McKanna
    Fitness Operations Supervisor
    Vaughan Athletic Center
    Fox Valley Park District

  • "Excellent teachers with a wealth of training and experience. Prairie’s teachers keep classes fresh and interesting. They stay on top of current trends and theories through their own study, but stay true to the traditions of yoga. Prairie offers a variety of styles, ensuring there is a class to suit every practitioner."

    - Alice Gallagher, Western Springs, IL


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