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Naturally Yoga
Naturally Yoga
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Lori Gaspar
7:15 am

What kind of yoga is best for me?

Moving with the breath drew my mind inward while transitioning from pose to pose. I loved it! But then one day in a vinyasa workshop, I became completely bored. I lost interest, probably because I had recently discovered Iyengar Yoga with its emphasis on alignment. Learning how to support my body with props really opened it up and I was fascinated with the most minute details of where to place my attention in asana. It taught me to spread my consciousness throughout every cell of the body. Alignment based yoga held my attention for almost 15 years and exposed me to adapting the practice to make it accessible to all. Throughout that time, I also studied how to practice yoga restoratively and therapeutically to help heal issues within my own body and adapt for my students.  The last few years, after witnessing myself and many long-time yoga students experiencing issues due to hypermobility and repetitive yoga movements, I developed a strong interest in biomechanics, natural movement and incorporating more of a strength focus into my practice. At 55 years old, I feel better than ever. Does this mean that my former yoga practices were not "good for me"? No, they brought me to where I am now. Here is a short list of what I learned by practicing different kinds of yoga: Read More