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  • "Prairie provides a real approach to yoga. The teachers are experienced and bring a true yogic practice to the studio. The community is kind and friendly and I recommend it all the time. I appreciate the detailed alignment cues. The depth it provides for me as I follow my breath and work at quieting my mind is truly 'yoga', not just another yoga gym class. I appreciate the advanced teachers and training Prairie provides, as well as the whole 'yogic' experience with om, chanting, pranayama, meditation and life talk."

    - Laury Hartman, Naperville, IL

  • "I learned so much from the 500 Hour Advanced Training.  I think of your studio as the 'University of Yoga.'" 

    - Juli Cronin, Elmhurst, IL 

  • "Prairie Yoga Teacher Training is a strong, well-balanced program that prepares its students to teach in any setting – from a health club to a private yoga studio."

    - Laura Gibson, Glen Ellyn, IL

  • "I hold you and the teachers in our training in the highest esteem. You really are the Yale of yoga training."

    - Ruta Kulys, Springfield, IL

  • "Our exposure to several strong master teachers throughout the year deepened my comprehension of yoga principles. Classes were well organized and presented complex material in a logical, relate-able way. I appreciated the flexibility and support whenever students' personal lives called their focus away from coursework."

    - Peg Kolinski, Glen Ellyn, IL

  • "Because I went to Prairie Yoga, I've been able to get jobs that I would not have gotten if I'd gone to any other school."

    - Julie Hopkins, Winfield, IL

  • "Prairie teachers use all the core values that yoga encompasses. The level of authenticity and commitment really made the experience life changing! I would recommend this training to others, knowing with certainty that Prairie trains yoga instructors with a complete understanding of a safe and proper alignment-based practice."

    - Erin Hilbert, Grand Rapids, MI

  • "The 500-Hour Teacher Training Program is very much a part of my teaching. The knowledge and training I have gained at Prairie have given me the resources to teach in a much more comprehensive fashion. Please accept my thanks for helping me become a teacher who can offer her students a very rich yoga experience—and who also wants to keep learning!"

    - Lesley Ronson Brown, Wheaton, IL

  • Click here to read what other serious students of yoga have said about the Midwest’s premier authentic yoga teacher training and certification program.

  • "I like everything about Prairie Yoga. Soon to turn 70, I realized I had to do something to improve balance and flexibility, and decided to give yoga a try. I started about 5 months ago, a complete newbie. Prairie's website was the only intelligent yoga studio website I could find in researching options not too far from my house--so I walked in and signed up. So far, I've probably taken classes from 5 instructors--each one different and every one masterful. Group classes feel like semi-private classes, whether there are 4 students in attendance or 14. I leave each class feeling like the instructor understands and makes accommodations for each student's level of ability and physical limitations. I love how well equipped the studios are--something I took for granted until recently when I took some yoga classes while on vacation. They offered mats and blocks, but that was it--what a difference! Now I appreciate those chairs and ropes and blankets and weights even more. Prairie Yoga is a class act all the way around, and I am a very happy student. Thank you!"

    Mary Holt, Lisle, IL
  • "Training at Prairie Yoga was one of the best decisions of my life. The training was very thorough and rigorous. It was not easy and we covered a wide amount of information on yoga - not just the postures. I would wholeheartedly recommend Prairie Yoga to anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of yoga and gaining tools to become a highly qualified yoga teacher."

    Brett Samuels, Oak Park, IL
  • "I took my first class at Prairie Yoga with Lori for the Multi-Style Yoga 2-3 class... Lori was honestly one of the best teachers I've ever had. She is so knowledgable in all aspects of yoga; anatomy, Sanskrit, philosophy, etc... She has such a warm presence and made me feel right at home. Being a teacher myself, I believe it is mandatory to always remain a student... I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take a class with Lori and I definitely plan on being back in the future."

    - Jessica Tibbles


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