Great Benefit to My Own Professional Work as a College Professor and Conductor
"Prairie Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training summer intensive was an eye-opening, powerful, and joyful experience! I expected great instruction but had no idea how comprehensive the training would be; beyond learning insightful detail behind the asanas, we learned how to teach, and how to understand yoga practice and instruction within a broader context that applied to all areas of our professional and personal lives. Tricia was a brilliant teacher; Chris, an invaluable mentor and assistant; and all the individual mentors helped make our experience truly life-changing. I consider my fellow trainees “family” and know that my own professional work as a college professor and conductor will benefit greatly from all I have learned. I look forward to continuing my growth through Prairie workshops and classes and I recommend this training to anyone who wants to experience rigorous and encouraging training; this is “the real deal!"
Ramona Wis, Ph.D., Naperville, IL

I Grew in So Many Ways Through This Program

"Prairie Yoga was such a great place to be this summer. I was sad (I'm sure my classmates felt the same way) when class sessions were over. I grew in so many ways through this program. I am more mindful in practicing asanas, not to mention I know what the Sanskrit names are! Pranayama and meditation were not a big part of my practice, but they are now. My perspective has changed from being all about the pose to bringing my mind, breath and body into my practice.  Still learning! 
Rose Gloor, Sugar Grove, IL

Thorough Training

"It has been an incredible nearly 2 years of teacher training and personal discovery. Thank you for the thorough training Prairie offers, I really appreciate all the requirements we had to do, I learned so much from taking my time with them. I am blessed to have you as my mentors and teachers, along with my people here in Fort Wayne."
Jess Kellenberger, Fort Wayne, IN

Deep Practice, Many Paths

The Prairie Yoga 200 hour teacher training was just what I hoped for!  It offered a well-balanced and very foundational approach to a yoga practice, from a perspective of heading into the world to teach, as well as with my own personal practice.  The program stripped everything I knew down to the core and rebuilt it from the ground up.  At times, this wasn't an easy thing to go through, but it was a great stepping stone to deepening and growing my yoga practice.  After practicing for 6 years, I thought I had learned a lot already.  But, I really learned that this practice is so much deeper than I can imagine and there are so many paths to follow.  The information and learning is endless.  Wherever your passion takes you, you can grow.  It's inspiring to know that there is always something so much more, and the practice can grow in many directions, from asana to meditation, pranayama, ayurveda, philosophy, and more.  Coming to the training was a highlight for me each month, and I looked forward to learning in the "classroom" environment with the great community of teachers, assistants, mentors, and students.  And... it was amazing that I got to do it right at home at the place where it all started for me, Cascade Yoga!  April was a great teacher and I am honored to have spent the time learning from her.  Her and Ellen were always available to answer my questions when they arose, and offered a very open and nurturing learning environment.
Jeremy Arndt, Grand Rapids, MI

Schedule Options Make it Easy to Take Training when Working

"Prairie Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a wonderful program for anyone interested in becoming a Yoga instructor or deepening their knowledge of Yoga. The program is set up so that you can still work part-time or full-time. The 'mentoring' portion is an asset because it provides students with the 'one-on one' relationship with a person who completed the program.  The reading materials provide valuable information and the teachers/mentors provide much integrity and support."

Kristin Malone, Glen Ellyn, IL

Training for Life both In and Out of the Studio

"My 200 Hour Teacher Training experience with Prairie Yoga was way more than I expected.  I went into it all unsure of things, of myself, and looking to dive a bit deeper into my practice and to see if I had what it would take to give my love and appreciation of yoga to others.  Prairie’s training, with the wonderful guidance of Lori Gaspar, April Storms, and Ellen McNamara, instilled within me the knowledge and the confidence to spread the joy and benefit of yoga to others from the ground up.  The instruction was so in-depth and flowed so naturally from these women, all while remaining at a level that was comfortable enough to soak in as a beginner teacher.  Prairie allowed me to find my own spirit and confidence of teaching as well as open up a whole new side to myself that otherwise would not have been explored so deeply.  Prairie’s training most definitely teaches you for practice both on and off your mat, for life both in and out of the studio.  I would recommend Prairie’s training to others in an instant due to the appreciation I have for the training’s structure, the confidence I walked away with from the whole experience, the knowledge I have moving forward, and the solid relationships I made in the process.  Thank you sincerely."
Claire Bos, Holland, MI

A Spark that Re-Ignited a Career

"The simple phrase, "Thank you," does not seem nearly enough to express the gratitude I feel for the light you've helped to shine upon my new path. With the age of 40 creeping up on me, I must admit the thought of starting a new career used to be terrifying, but now I can honestly say I couldn't be more thrilled and, more importantly, content with the feeling that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Ask me 5 years ago... and I would have never guessed. Your passion is truly a gift, as well as infectious, and I thank you. It is perhaps fortunate, however true, that prior to my time at Prairie I was feeling very stuck and in a bit of a stale dark place. Prairie became a spark which has re-ignited the fire in me and I am so grateful. Thank you for continuing to share your light and your gift and for keeping the bar set high. While I feel I have learned so much, I know there is so much left to discover and can't wait to see where this new knowledge takes me."
Jen Nielsen, Glen Ellyn, IL

What a Yoga Community Truly Is

"The program has so many strengths. First, I think the balance between topic areas was very appropriate. The balance between homework assignments, requirements, readings, asana, pranayama, meditation, and teaching experiences allowed me to be very challenged, yet I never once thought it was impossible to complete. Another strength was the approach to teaching proper alighment- the breakdown of each body part in an alignment-based practice or asana allowed us students to practice it on our own bodies and absord it completely, to better be able to teach it. In addition, the time requirements for all assignments offered a consistent schedule. Another strength lies in the teachers - April and Ellen put in so much effort which was evident throughout the full nine months. Their readiness to help with anything at anytime, and their support truly made the experience. April's knowledge, time commitment, wisdom, and authenticity in every area helped the training be so successful. Another strength was the layout of the TT Manual and texts required. The manual offers so much information in a readily accessible fashion and I find the text books selected to be very helpful in expanding my understanding and at-home practice. The high level of organization and communication throughout the nine months, allowed it to flow smoothly and seamlessly. I personally think one of the biggest strengths lies in the attitudes of the teachers and mentors, revealing the true importance of community in the yoga world. I did not enter into the trianing with many expectations, I had just seen my mother go through it, and saw her personal yoga practice blossom. Looking back over the past nine months, I seriously cannot believe how much information, understanding, and expereince I gained. My personal practice has transformed dramatically to a safer, truer practice, which has allowed me to gain such confidence. I came to the realization of what true Yoga is. And in addition to all the information I gained, I also came face to face with humility, learning how much there is that I do not know. And this has fueled such a passion in me to continue to learn. I am confident that my experience with Prairie is unlike any other program; Prairie teaches the practice of yoga using all the core values that yoga encompasses. The level of authenticity and commitment really made the experience life changing! I would recommend this training to others interested, knowing with certainty that Prairie training offers students with a complete understanding of a safe and proper alignment-based practice."
Erin Hilbert, Grand Rapids, MI

Caretakers of a Sacred Tradition

"When I signed up for Prairie teacher training I knew that it was a respected and comprehensive program, but in all honesty, I was one of those students who approached yoga as physical fitness and expected that my training would simply deepen my asana practice and enable me to use yoga as a vehicle to help people reach fitness goals. Certainly, that aspect is inherent in asana practice, but just a drop in the bucket of the vast potential of yoga as an art, a science, a life path. I have learned so much more than I ever expected, and further, I realize that I've just scratched the surface of what is possible in both my personal journey and in that of a teacher. That thought is so thrilling to me, and I have you to thank for opening the door to this world through your professionalism, your passion for yoga, your humor, kindness, and absolute dedication in being a caretaker to the evolution of a sacred tradition."
Ellen Scollins, Naperville, IL

From Power Yoga to Prairie

"I connected so well with your teaching style Lori and never felt confused or in over my head. I also think you do an excellent job of answering all the questions we trainees had. You were quick to perceive what was at the heart of our questions and to address all of our concerns. I'll be honest that before I started the training at Prairie I was a little worried because up to that point my yoga practice had been exclusively at studios that offered heated vinyasa flow or power yoga. I worried the program would not be rigorous enough and that I'd miss the heat. After completing the program I can say that my fears were unfounded. The program at Prairie deeply impacted my yoga practice and challenged me to grow and expand as a student of yoga and now a yoga teacher.  I didn't miss the heat even once, and while I still enjoy a heated practice I have a greater appreciation for many styles of yoga and have even grown to love practicing on my own at home. I feel prepared to walk into almost any studio and teach in many styles of yoga. The program at Prairie gave me a depth of knowledge and a solid foundation of yoga that I will be building upon for years to come as both a student and a teacher. More then anything, the training taught me that there is so much more to learn and that yoga is a journey that is for a lifespan. Leaving the program I feel excited to start teaching and see where it leads!" 
Rebecca Stiles, Woodridge, IL

A Life-Enhancing Program

"I am so thankful you offered this program at Cascade Yoga Studio and for the wonderful guidance and teachings by April Storms.  This has been a fantastic, life enhancing program and I continue to put into practice all of my learnings."
Kathy Julien, Ada, MI

The Yale of Yoga

"I hold you and the teachers in our training in the highest esteem. You really are the Yale of yoga training."
Ruta Kulys, Springfield, IL

The University of Yoga

"Thank you Lori!  I have learned so much from you and all the other teachers at Prairie in the 500 Hour Advanced Training.  I think of your studio as the "University of Yoga."  I look forward to many more years of practicing and studying with you and all the members of Prairie."
Juli Cronin, Elmhurst,IL 

Picking Up More Clients—Even a Pro Hockey Player

"I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the 500 hour yoga teacher training. I have learned so much and know I have so much more to learn. Much to my surprise, many more people have been seeking me out for privates. In addition to the few I already have, I have picked up a former pro hockey player recovering from 2 years off his feet with chemo and radiation and has neuropathy. Another woman who has scoliosis and was in a car accident 6 months ago, wants to start a consistent yoga program."
L.R. Winnetka, IL

Landing the Impossible Jobs

"Because I went to Prairie Yoga, I've been able to get jobs that I would not have gotten if I'd gone to any other school."
Julie Hopkins, Winfield, IL

Teaching in Community Grows Confidence

"The Training was more than I could have expected; I had hoped for a basic understanding of the poses but walked out with so much more. The instruction was very clear; Tricia/Linda (plus mentors) explained not only how to get into (and out of) the pose safely/correct but why positioning was important, how breathing came into play, what chakra was impacted, how emotions come into play, etc. I will say, the information provided on the way to sequence was fantastic. The time spent in class teaching to each other, the group work, the ‘team-teaching’ for community classes and video really allowed growth and confidence. The additional required workshops were icing on the cake."
April Waldrop, Geneva, IL 

A Well-Rounded Yoga Education

"The Prairie Yoga 200 Hour program has given me a solid foundation to begin my teaching, as well as enhanced personal practice. Tricia Fiske is a knowledgeable and compassionate instructor who provided the essential pragmatic ‘how to do’, as well as the richness of the ‘why’. Linda, my mentor Jennifer, and the other mentors were all there for me. I felt the course provided me with an excellent foundational knowledge of a safe asana practice; ample but not an over-whelming amount of information on yoga history, philosophy, etc.; and a much better understanding of the various methods of breath work, along with how/when they should be applied. I love philosophy, history, theory, etc., but also I’m a pragmatist. I felt the syllabus provided a well-rounded yoga education. I thought that each of the three required workshops were excellent. I hope I can take each of them again someday! I could not ask for more. Thanks!"
Kathy Welsh, St. Charles, IL

The Resources to Teach Comprehensively

"The 500-Hour Teacher Training Program you have created is very much a part of my teaching. The knowledge and training I have gained by learning from you and the other wonderful teachers at Prairie have given me the resources to teach in a much more comprehensive fashion. Please accept my thanks for helping me become a teacher who can offer her students a very rich yoga experience. And also a teacher who wants to keep learning!"
Lesley Ronson Brown, Wheaton, IL

Learning beyond the Classroom

"Prairie Yoga met me where I was. The training brought me along more toward my ultimate goal. I felt supported and I know that I can contact my instructors and mentor with questions; the training doesn’t end when you finish your final homework assignment and thesis. I like the idea of the thesis, too – having 2 graduate degrees, the research and writing are not unfamiliar to me. But what I like best about the thesis is that it gives you the opportunity crystalize your own thoughts and ideas about yoga and how you as an individual can do some good with this training. Your thesis reflects your area of interest and I think this is one of the things that sold me on the program: the idea that there was a concentrated body of work that I would be able to digest and then use to formulate my own path."
Pat Perrier, Crest Hill, IL

More than a Pose

"I didn't know what to expect but I got so much more. The tools, and instruction I was given in the Teacher Training was top-notch. Yoga has been a stabilizing force in my life with so much more to learn than a pose. I came into the 200 Teacher Training hoping to learn how to convey what I have learned through an asana practice to others in greater detail. I came away from the training with a deeper understanding of not only the asanas, but the philosophy of yoga and how it relates to the subtle and physical body. AND in doing all that, I came away understanding myself better mentally, physically and spiritually."
Barb Merrill, Geneva, IL

A Life-changing Experience

“Thank you for bringing Prairie Yoga teacher training and April to Grand Rapids, MI! The teacher training experience was truly life-changing for me as my understanding and appreciation of yoga deepened.”
Misty Weeks, Caledonia, MI

Flexibility and Support When Lives Are Called Away from Coursework

“Lori has experience and the wisdom that brings a terrific asset to her program. Reeny’s skillful assistance added depth to our learning experience. The homework is relevant and the feedback gave me personal and specific instruction that offered clarity and encouragement weekly. The mentor program adds a layer of support, instruction and experience that we students could relate to and even aspire to become. Our exposure to several strong master teachers throughout the year deepened my comprehension of yoga principles. Classes were well organized and presented complex material in a logical, relate-able way. I appreciated the flexibility and support whenever students’ personal lives called their focus away from course work.”
Peg Kolinksi, Glen Ellyn, IL

Curriculum Challenges Instructor to Grow

“I travel an hour to come to Prairie Yoga. On my first day of the intermediate yoga teacher training, I was a little nervous. I knew my 200 hour training lacked any study of the yoga sutras or yoga philosophy. I thought I would be “behind” the other teachers. Right away, I felt a strong connection to Lori and Tricia’s style of teaching. I knew after the first day I would make the commitment for the 500 hour program. It won’t be easy, I know, but knowing Lori, Tricia and the amazing guest instructors in combination with the challenging curriculum and requirements, I will become a more well rounded and knowledgable yoga instructor.”
Laura Reynolds, Winnetka, IL

A Welcoming Atmosphere

“The Intermediate Teacher Training is a great exploration for anyone considering the 500 Hour Teacher Training at Prairie Yoga. Lori and Tricia are wonderful instructors – very articulate, grounded and approachable. Prairie Yoga has a very welcoming atmosphere.”
Kathleen Heneghan, Chicago, IL

Amazing Mentors

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such amazing mentors. You have truly given me so many gifts through your teachings, and I shall use them  to help heal others. I am incredibly proud to say that I went to Prairie Yoga for my yoga teacher training and that that year was one of the most amazing and fulfilling years of my life.”
April Berta, Naperville, IL

Filled with Knowledge and Overflowing Gratitude

“I took the Prairie Yoga Teacher Training in 2009- the very 1st class at Cascade Yoga Studio.  It was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. It filled me not only with knowledge but with a heart that is overflowing with gratefulness. I have since mentored the last three years and I can not tell you the joy it brings me to be part of this fantastic program.  Lori Gaspar is one of the most lovely women I have ever come across and I have rarely met a teacher as engaged and excited about what she does as April Storms is.  April truly adores each and every student that is in the classes she teaches.  This program is not only top of the line it continues to get better each year.  These are some of the most lovely people I have ever had the opportunity to work with and I feel blessed to have shared my life with them. 
Lin VanderBeek, Grand Rapids, MI

Preparation for Any Setting—from Health Club to a Private Studio

“Prairie Yoga teacher training is a strong, well balanced program that prepares the students to teach in just about any setting – from a health club to a private studio.”
Laura Gibson, Glen Ellyn, IL

How I Learned to Help Students Reduce Pain with Yoga

“In 2009, I completed the requirements for the Prairie Yoga Advanced Teacher Training.  In this comprehensive training, I was introduced to therapeutic techniques and gentle applications of yoga.  I learned how to modify yoga poses for students who have limitations and who are in pain. With so much emphasis on vinyasa and fitness style yoga, I saw a real need to offer classes for students who are unable to take regular classes due to illness or injury.  I decided to open my own studio, Yoga For You, with the intention to teach classes with a focus on the students’ individual needs.  I opened in 2010 with 3 classes a week.  Three years later, Yoga For You has grown to 11 classes a week with 7 teachers, 4 are Prairie Yoga teachers.  Many students attend classes regularly to help manage pain and to stay active.  We have 4 gentle classes a week and they are the most popular classes at the studio. I am deeply grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained through my training at Prairie Yoga.  I’m honored to be able to help students reduce or eliminate pain with yoga and I’m proud to be a part of the Prairie Yoga community.”
Tracy Caracciolo, Owner of Yoga For You, Frankfort, IL

A Firm Foundation Matched by a Deep Love

“I love the way Prairie prepared me to teach, gave me a great foundation to build on, and helped me deepen my love of yoga. I love being a yoga conduit, and think I do a pretty good job of it. I plan to teach and learn as long as I’m able. Yoga is amazing and so is Prairie Yoga Teacher Training.”
Nancy Wedemeyer, Geneva, IL 

Learning to Pay Attention

“I received everything I had hoped to gain from the Prairie Yoga Teacher Training. I am learning to pay more attention to what brings peace and joy in my life, as well as learning better ways to care for my body and my spirit.”
Dr. Judith Kuiper, Licensed psychologist; Ordained Christian Minister 


A Better Teacher and a Better Student

“I graduated from the 200 hour Prairie Yoga Teacher Training at Cascade and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have sinced moved to the Denver area and I am teaching restore and flow yoga at a studio called Qi at their Edgewater location. I also do yoga for Seniors in group home and assisted living settings. I love the way Lori and April teach; class is set up in a no nonsense structured way that is easy to understand and absorb as a student. This experience not only made me a better teacher but a better student as well.”
Rachel Johanek, Denver, CO 

Grateful for Mentoring

“I am so appreciative of the training and the mentoring I have had the chance to experience through Prairie Yoga and Cascade Yoga Studio.”
Evy Hazenberg, Ada, MI 


Passing on the Truth: Yoga Is For Everyone

“I began teaching yoga in my home studio in Joliet soon after I finished teacher training at Prairie Yoga.  I currently teach 4 classes each week with a maximum of 7 students in each class.  Since I have a limited space, I teach in 6 week sessions with a sign up for each new session.  The last session was completely full!  I teach a gentle yoga class, men’s yoga, and level 1-2 classes.  I love the feedback from the students when they realize that yoga is for everyone, no matter what your ability/flexibility is!  I am deeply grateful to Prairie Yoga for the training I received there.”
Cyndi Karges, Joliet, IL 

A Reputation Expanding Beyond the Midwest

“My husband and I moved to San Diego 15 months ago. I’m teaching a class at a personal training facility in my neighborhood.  I am currently working towards being certified to teach Yoga for a Happy Back with my concentration on Arthritis. I enjoy the therapeutic applications of yoga and there is so much to learn. One day at my Happy Back training I was proudly wearing my Prairie Yoga Teacher Training shirt. A student from Tucson came up to me and commented that she had just been at a Prairie Yoga workshop this past June and how impressed she was! So Prairie Yoga’s reputation is expanding beyond the Midwest! The more I see, the more I appreciate the teacher training I had there. The material is presented clearly, the classes are well organized and teachers are so accessible that you feel supported at every part of the journey. I still use my training manual because it is the most comprehensive and concise resource I have. I am so blessed to have experienced this amazing training.”
Judy Handler, San Diego, CA

Every Experience: Always Fruitful

“Lori, thanks for such great feedback yesterday, and always [in the 500 hour Advanced Training]. I have to say, every experience I’ve ever had with you, your staff, or at the studio has always been pleasant and fruitful. I hold your studio as the top one in Illinois and thank you for all you do!”
Amy Massat, Geneva, IL 

Community Classes and Video Review Help Refine Teaching Skills

“The Prairie Yoga program is an exceptionally high quality teacher training experience. The manual, instruction, mentoring, and workshops create a solid framework for trainees to learn and grow within their practice and as a person. I am very grateful to have access to a program of this caliber so close to home. The Thursday program fit perfectly into my life as a mother of school-aged children. The schedule allowed me to deepen my yoga practice while staying available to my family. Teaching the community classes and participating in the video review are valuable tools to refine teaching skills. I am proud to be a part of the Prairie community!
Niki Ludington, Glen Ellyn, IL

Tools to Be Extraordinary Teachers

“The teacher training with Tricia has been truly life changing. Tricia is the ideal role model, mentor, and teacher. Her intelligence is endless, and I am sad to say my teacher training with her is ending in a few short weeks. I feel as though I could spend a lifetime learning from Tricia!  I am almost speechless, I never imagined I’d learn so much and feel so grateful for the time I’ve spent with these wonderful people.  Each time I come to teacher training I learn ways to improve my life, on and off the mat. I want to make Prairie Yoga proud by sharing with my students the things I’ve learned from Tricia, Polly, Linda, and our mentors. We’ve been given the tools to be extraordinary teachers, share yoga with those around us, and make the world a better place. I couldn’t imagine a better investment. On top of learning how to teach yoga, I have gained priceless knowledge, deepened my practice, and learned how to make yoga part of every aspect of my life. On the first day of teacher training, one of the mentors told us we had enrolled at “the Harvard of yoga schools” and she was right. Prairie Yoga is the best school with the best instructors and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”
Jessica Graves, Wheaton, IL

A Serious Program for Students Serious about Yoga

“If you are serious about teaching, register for a program that is serious about yoga. This is a great training. There are so many programs now that are pushing out teachers that are ill-prepared and are degrading the industry. Books and articles are being written about our industry in a negative fashion. Consciously choose to aspire to put in the time to honor the great tradition of yoga. Prairie Yoga does that.”
Janet Fender, Lockport, IL

Training Prepares You for the Job Search

“The 200 hour teacher training was a great preparation. I have just started teaching but I can give clear cues, know what muscles are being used, and can make modifications for students.  When I auditioned for jobs, people were impressed by my cueing and flow of the poses.  The teacher training manual and the mentor notes are an invaluable tool. I enjoyed taking other classes to fulfill the elective hours and the learning/research for my project.  The best part was gaining a yoga community of friends.”
Deb Konopka, North Aurora, IL

Embracing the Resorative Power of Yoga

“The 500 hour curriculum that focused on therapeutics and yoga for special populations was really valuable. It addresses a need that is prevalent in all of our communities. With a growing population of baby boomers, many of whom are looking to yoga to enhance their quality of life, it’s so important that we as teachers have an understanding of how to work with injuries, aging bodies and health issues when instructing our students. My teaching has improved significantly– my cueing has become more succinct and my sequencing more directed. Plus, I like to use props to really educate the body on how to experience poses more fully and deeply. In my personal practice, I now embrace the benefits of a restorative practice even more. This is a comprehensive program for serious students and teachers. You will not only learn how to teach your students more clearly and effectively, you will also learn to address their needs in a way that really serves them.”
Cara Chang Mutert, Owner, The Yoga Lounge, Woodstock, IL 

Peers+Mentors+Instructors=An Awesome Experience

“For two years prior to finally signing up, I studied all the information on your website about your teacher training program.  Somehow finally, I gathered the confidence I needed that I was worth taking this class, not because I had a strong desire to teach but because I had a strong desire to learn more about yoga. The program surpassed my expectations. Right away Thursdays soon became the highlight of my week.  The fellowship among my peers, the kindness of the mentors and the high caliber of teachers combined to be an awesome experience.  The entire program helped me to grow not only in my understanding of yoga as the lifestyle I want to life more fully, but more importantly as a person.  Thank you!”
Susan Mettel, Downers Grove, IL

Great Way for Me to Grow in My Practice

“The whole experience of the Prairie Yoga Teacher Training was more than I ever expected. My main intention was to gain a deeper understanding of the practice of yoga and what I learned was a true lesson in effort and ease! Completing the curriculum was a true lesson in effort; the support and cooperative spirit of the teachers was the stability I needed. The ease came as the teachers guided our attention on the breath, in the here and now. I learned how to become more grounded, centered and focused. I developed a connection, an inner-awareness, and a deep desire to continue to practice. I am grateful for the wonderful teachers at Prairie who continue to inspire me. This experience was a great way for me to grow in my practice, build new relationships, and unravel aspects of myself I had yet to discover.”
Karen Koval, Elmhurst, IL

Prairie Yoga Is All about Integrity

“When it came time to take the plunge and enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification, I did my homework. I chose Prairie Yoga, even though I knew the commute [from Lake Geneva, WI] would be long for me at that time. After three classes, I knew this was the perfect choice for me. Why? Because the Prairie Yoga Training is all about integrity. The program is thought out to the nth degree. The training is rigorous and challenging, yet safe and fun. Lori and Reeny have ensured that the whole program is ‘A-level’ in terms of guest teachers, required seminars, readings and yes, even the satsung celebratory meal/gathering at the course conclusion. I have talked to fellow teachers about their training at other various 200 hour programs. Many, if not most, have felt somewhat unfulfilled it seems. I can look back and feel a sense of satisfaction that my research, time and money were well spent.” 
Jim Cogan, Owner, The Yoga Shop, Chicago, IL

An Excellent Reputation

“I met a massage therapist/gentle yoga teacher who is hoping to enroll in your 500 hour program at some point in the future. She was immediately willing to have me sub for her class when she learned where I studied. Just thought I’d pass on another example of your excellent reputation even way out here in the “SouthEastlands,” if that is a word. I feel very fortunate to have come in contact with you, your studio and all those that are affiliated with your excellent program. I’ve met some wonderful people. Thank you again for all that you’ve taught me! I am so fortunate to have been a part of Prairie’s exceptional and thorough 200 hour program and hope to continue to be a part of the community in the future.”
Jo Meszaros, Wilmington, IL
Deepened Every Aspect of My Practice
 “The teacher training at Prairie Yoga was life changing. It deepened every aspect of my practice. I am very honored and proud to have attended Prairie Yoga. It is highly respected and recognized in the yoga community. Thank you Lori!”
April Berta, Naperville, IL

 A Manual of Sound Advice

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Enrolling in your teacher-training program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The classes, the manual, and your teachings have changed the way I look at life.  I learned so much more than I ever imagined. I had many doubts about myself along the way, and I didn’t know if I’d ever even teach, but now I can’t imagine not bringing yoga to other people. I find teaching yoga incredibly rewarding. I also love it when a student comes up to me after class and says something like, “Wow, I never felt so comfortable in pigeon before! How did you do that?”  Or if I’m subbing for someone at another studio, when a student approaches me after class and asks, “Where do you teach??”  It’s moments like these that make me stop and appreciate how much your efforts have brought me to where I’m at today. Your teacher-training program is incredible and your manual is priceless. No matter how many yoga books I buy I always come back to your manual for sound advice. I’ve read it cover to cover at least three times now, and I always refer to it when I’m creating a sequence for a class. It’s starting to look like a child’s favorite toy: worn, frayed, torn, but deeply loved. To have created such an outstanding yoga teacher-training program must have taken a great deal of time, energy and sacrifice. I just wanted to say thank you.”
Kate Klauseger, Palos Park, IL 

Knowledge to Teach People of All Ages

“The training I received at Prairie Yoga gave me the knowledge I needed to teach to people of all ages with ease and confidence. I am thoroughly enjoying being a teacher…”
Margaret O’Mullan, Hinsdale, IL

The Harvard of Yoga

“This is the Harvard of Yoga Teacher Training.”
Hollis Woodard
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL


A Path to Personal Growth

“I loved the asana instruction, and it gave me the foundation and confidence to safely and effectively teach yoga classes. What I love the most about my training is that it helped put me on a path to personal growth. I am fascinated with how rich the discipline of yoga is, and about how my studies have helped me to develop as an individual. With the help of my wonderful teachers at Prairie Yoga, I see myself continuing on this yoga path for a long, long time to come.”
Lynda Carr, 200 hour and 500 hour graduate, Aurora, IL

The Spirit and Intention of Yoga

‎”Both Lori and April are such amazing teachers. The program taught me alignment and the skills to be a teacher. But I think most importantly, it taught me the spirit and intention of yoga that I can apply on and off the mat. And it has been so great to be a part of a community. All of the trainees have been very close and supportive of each other. I really can’t say enough.”
Alexandra Alcaraz, Grand Rapids, MI


High Expectations Balanced by Support
“One of the strengths of the program is the mentors–our group was wonderful! I liked the weekly pacing of the classes and the use of the props in our practice, as I don’t get that much at my home studio. Lori teaches what she loves, it’s so apparent. I appreciate her high expectations, not only of herself but also of the trainees. It’s important that trainees be supported and she does that very well.”
Becky Carlson, Marseilles, IL

Fortunate to Find Prairie Yoga

“I feel so fortunate to have found Prairie Yoga’s teacher training program. When I signed up, I didn’t even realize what great training and teachers I would be introduced to. Funny how things work out at the right time in our lives! The group of trainees were wonderful, too…I think there will be many long-time connections between us.”
Cyndi Karges, Joliet, IL

Treated with Respect and Maturity

“I highly recommend this training. Lori is very knowledgeable and exacting. Her love of yoga is inspiring. Also, she treats her students with respect and maturity. She wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is. I also like the fact that she has an advanced degree. That gives her program credibility.”
Cathy Mackenzie, Grand Rapids, MI

A Journey Launched

“I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely enjoying the Prairie Yoga teacher training program. Looking back at the past few months, I have grown so much and have met so many fantastic people. Although my yoga journey has just begun, I can’t wait to actually teach yoga. I am passionate about health and wellness, and I want to share with others the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental power yoga brings.”
Julie Liotine, Lisle, IL

The Best Investment I Ever Made

“My experience as a trainee in Prairie Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best investments I have ever made. The program was incredibly organized and thorough, and I really appreciated the balance between learning hands-on techniques and exploring the history and ethics involved with yoga. But above all, one of the most influential teaching aspects this program instilled in me was the importance of the safety of my students.”
Anna Raphael, Owner, Laketown Healing Arts, Holland, MI

I’m a Senior and Enrolled in Teacher Training

“I was intrigued by the idea of enrolling in the teacher training offered at CYS, but was unsure if someone my age and upper-50’s-body could do it. I’m glad I accepted the encouragement of the other teachers at CYS and did it! The training helped me immeasurably in my own practice, including helping me manage arthritis that I have had for many years. The opportunity to teach others who have sporadically, or never, practiced yoga has been a real joy and has really enriched my life.
Linda Ketterer, Grand Rapids, MI

I Gained Depth and Ability

“I am so thankful that I chose Prairie Yoga to take my 200-hour teacher training. Lori taught us an incredible amount of information in a very organized, thoughtful, and respectful way. This teacher training has brought depth and ability to my yoga practice as well as my life. I am forever grateful for what this opportunity has given to me. “
Jamie Kozlowicz, Grand Rapids, MI

Couldn’t Have Asked for Better

“I couldn’t have asked for a better program and mentors.”
Carrie Davis, Lisle, IL

Difficult Material Accessible, but Not Dumbed Down

Marinda’s Anatomy Class– WOW THAT WAS GREAT. I was so worried that it was going to be over my head and that I was just not going to get anything from it. But she was wonderful and most important she didn’t dumb it down. She put everything into regular words and matched it up with stuff that I will use it for when teaching. Hats off to you and Marinda for a great set of classes.
Kathleen Hall,  Lisle, IL

Training Made a Difference in My Career

“I LOVED the teacher training in Fort Wayne last year. I still refer to the beautiful training manual for the classes I lead. The class made such a difference in not only my career as a therapist, but throughout my entire life. I hope everyone in Indiana felt as lucky as I did to have such great training, and all the master workshops that Prairie Yoga was able to help provide. Thank you again.”
Christine Nifong, Ft. Wayne, IN

A Privileged Learning Experience

“I can understand why your studio and your teaching is so well known and acknowledged. You are truly remarkable and yet, so down to earth! I love your passion for the teaching and sharing of yoga. My experience the past 8 months has been rich and rewarding. Thank you so much for offering such a privileged learning experience.”
Colleen Fasbender, Geneva, IL

“I Love the Manual!”

“Thank you for such a wonderful program! I learned a lot from the training and I loved all of the teachers. Great inspirations! I also love the manual. I use it all of the time for making sequences and re-reading things.”
Jessica Burkett, Columbia City, IN

Proud to Be Prairie Yoga Certified!

I have truly loved being part of this program. I am so happy that I decided to sign up for it! I am thrilled that I’ll soon be able to say I’m a Prairie Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor!
Linda Ritter, Ft. Wayne, IN

Training When I Needed It Most

“I am so grateful for this training. It has truly deepened my practice and it came at a time when I needed it the most. The last 2 years have been filled with tremendous challenges and many highs & lows. My yoga has kept me focused, grounded, and level-headed. So thank you for launching me on this journey!”
Sharon Schmuker, Rockford, MI


Compassionate yet Challenging

“I love your teaching style and think you are a compassionate yet challenging teacher – a great balance and I really enjoy being your student. My path has been uber-challenging and your teaching and your acceptance AND your high expectations have all been really good for me. Just wanted to let you know how much you have touched my life and what a lifeline and amazing learning experience this training is. It really is a great class and I really love all the fellow students.”
J.B.,  Lisle, IL

Tough Subject Made Interesting

“Marinda was absolutely amazing! She made a tough subject [anatomy] interesting. I learned so much and a lot that will benefit me in my yoga practice.”
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainee, Ft. Wayne, IN

Always the Student’s Best Interest in Mind

“I cannot say enough good things about Prairie Yoga’s Teacher Training Program. Lori Gaspar is not only a fantastic yoga teacher, but she directs the program with heart and the students best interest in mind. She encourages every prospective teacher to find their strengths and nurture them. The new facility in Lisle is outstanding and will support the awesome learning that takes place in the program. Her staff of co-teachers in the program, Tricia Fiske and April Storms are top notch – they are both compassionate and passionate about teaching yoga.”
Reeny Linstrom, 500 CYT, Glen Ellyn, IL

Applying What I Learn

“My workshop [for my Advanced Training Thesis] is going great. I am learning so much by taking the information I studied and applying it to the needs of the students. Working with Gabriel has also been a significant influence on expanding my knowledge and confidence. I am very grateful to have met him through your program. Before I started your program, I never would have thought that I could teach such a specialized workshop. Thank you for all your efforts to build a training program that prepares a teacher to become much more than just another person who teaches yoga.”
Tracy Caracciolo, 500 CYT, Owner, Yoga For You, Frankfort, IL

So Much to Learn from All the Limbs of Yoga

“We had a great weekend in Fort Wayne with April and Paula. I just wanted to again thank you for putting together such a comprehensive teacher training. I have been doing yoga for over 15 years and have been teaching several years already and was very concerned that I would not get my time and money’s worth if I did a 200 hr program BUT your program is so detailed and so full of ALL the limbs of yoga that there is always so much for me to learn and grow. You have such a well trained AND heartfelt group of teachers and we have such an open and ready to learn group in Fort Wayne. Its just been fantastic– true synchronicity.”
Tina Tazian, Ft. Wayne, IN

Grown So Much as a Teacher

“I received the greatest compliment the other day and I wanted to share it with you because I feel that you are directly responsible for this. I taught our annual “Om for the Holidays” class. Several teachers came, including one whom I ‘ve known since I started teaching. She came up to me afterward and said, “You have grown so much as a teacher.” That made my day because I certainly have intended that and I feel that I have. To have a colleague acknowledge that made me glow. And, Lori, it was your training that put it all together for me and continues to help me find my voice as a teacher and as a yogini. It illumined my path in ways that prior to your training were unclear at best. So, thank you again. I’m so grateful for your presence in my life.”
Paula Gardner, 500 CYT, Orland Park, IL

Challenging Concepts Explained in a Clear and Concise Way

“I love this program and feel so blessed to be a part of it. What I love the most is the philosophy. Exploring the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and looking at the prana vayus on a deeper level have been my favorite. Lori has a wonderful way of explaining challenging concepts in a clear and concise way. She is ALWAYS available to answer all my questions and has given me a safe place to explore and find my path.”
April Storms, 500 CYT, Plainfield, IL

Coursework Freshened My Teaching

“Lori is an amazing teacher/facilitator and creates a wonderful environment for learning and for connecting with the other teachers in the group. The outside workshops and assisting teachers are top quality as well. It is a commitment– there is homework and reading assignments, but all very worthwhile. This program has deepened my knowledge so much, freshened my teaching greatly and I’ve made some new friends! I feel so thankful that I have done it.”
Reeny Linstrom, 500 CYT, Glen Ellyn, IL

A Rich and Varied Curriculum

“Thanks for providing such a rich and varied curriculum Your dedication and enthusiasm for yoga is a source of inspiration for us aspirants! The more I learn, the more I am aware of how much more there is to learn. Is there a 1,000 hour teacher training?”
Libby Scanlan, 500 CYT, Sugar Grove, IL

 A Complementary Faculty

“I’m really enjoying the program. Tricia is a great teacher, as are all of you. You each have your own style, but yet seem to play off each other very well. I’ve met some great people. I’m learning so much and I always look forward to Fridays. I see great things happening with this program and all who have the privilege of taking part in it.”
Debra Zielke, Evergreen Park, IL

Yoga for Men and Women of All Ages

“The 200 hour Teacher Training has been almost life-changing for me. I have met so many interesting people in our class. It is filled with a very diversified group of men and women of all ages. That is one of the most amazing things about it because you can begin practicing yoga at any age. And the mentoring aspect of it is extremely beneficial… I just love the training!”
Kristin Malone, Glen Ellyn, IL

Learning How Yoga Moves through Us to Others

“Thank you, Lori… Once again, I am reminded of what a gift it continues to be that I found your Prairie Yoga ad in that issue of Yoga Chicago. For the first time in my 10 years of physical yoga and 25 years of emotional yoga/meditation, I feel part of a community with lots and lots of room to grow on as many different levels as I can sustain. You truly do embody the essence of the thread that yoga moves through us to others. You work hard for this to happen and I want to tell you how beautifully you succeed.”
Paula Gardner, 500 CYT, Orland Park, IL
Learning to Teach All Ages

“Great 500 hour classes! The round robin last week was fun and educational and I appreciate the feedback. The senior information is helpful too; at my Hatha 1-2 classes, I’m seeing a good number of 60+ women coming in who have never done yoga before. While I’m certainly not teaching with a brahmacharya focus, it’s been a challenge to introduce them while also meeting the needs of 30-somethings. The info in the manual and the discussion yesterday helped me better understand the challenges these students may have.”
Rebecca Russell, 500 CYT, Glen Ellyn, IL

Learning Yoga Can Be for Everyone

“Through the teacher training program and the expertise of the teachers and mentors, I have learned that yoga is so much more! It has been a very rewarding experience and has enriched my life. I realize that Yoga can be for everyone, whether you are 3 or 93. I look forward to the opportunity to teach children, as well as seniors. My hope is to be even a fraction as good as the teachers that I have encountered.”
Patti Steffensen, Bensenville, IL

Growth as a Person and a Teacher

“I’ve enjoyed the depth of instruction from both Lori and Tricia during the teacher training. Their knowledge has allowed me to grow as a person as well as a teacher.”
Magy Rehayem, Hoffman Estates, IL

Tools to Teach Better

“Although it’s early days, I have already received so much from the program: the cueing of the koshas has been a highlight!!! It opened a whole new world to my teaching: how to access the subtle bodies, how to cue it, how to guide students (that are ready) to delve a little deeper, without scaring the pants off them. Enriching my own practice and giving me the tools to teach better.”
Marinda Stopforth, 500 CYT, Lisle, IL

Delving into the Spiritual Aspect of Yoga

“This is an excellent training. It has challenged me to hone my teaching skills. It has also enabled me to delve into the spiritual aspect of yoga. I feel grateful that I was able to participate in a training of this caliber.”
Linda Troutman, 500 CYT, Lombard, IL

New Relationships in a Teaching Community

“I joined the program entirely to learn what Lori has to teach. Her strengths cut across the breadth of yoga: from focus on alignment and clear cues in postures, to deep knowledge of the historical and spiritual context of yoga. The non-classroom requirements are also very valuable, including Anatomy with Tias Little and Therapeutics with Gabriel Halpern. The program gives me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of yoga and develop new relationships in the teaching community.”


Grateful for the Resonance

“I feel blessed to be in classes with you and Laura Jane. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced a teacher or teachers that resonate with my needs and desires of yoga practice and to feel this way with two at once is a wondrous thing. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity and for the resonance!”

Discussions Lead to Camaraderie

“What a great group we have! I love our discussions and the camaraderie.”


Enthusiastic about the Exploration of Yoga

“I love that you encourage people to try a variety of things and explore on their own. This allows them to develop a very personal practice that speaks to them. Although the basics are in there as well, it’s just great that it is so much more than that. I think that is what I am enthusiastic about– I get to explore.”
Tina Tazian


Esoteric Topics Made Accessible

“I am so impressed with your ability to organize and explain these sometimes esoteric concepts in such a way that they are so INTERESTING and UNDERSTOOD. On top of that my love of yoga is increasing TEN-FOLD as I read it. Thank you so, so much. I am so happy to be in possession of this body of knowledge in the form of your manual. TRUE FOOD.”


Gobbling Up the Information

“I am just gobbling up the information you are passing along. Cueing for the koshas–I can’t tell you how much I love that. This is exactly stuff I want to know. Secondly, I appreciate so much the safety of the environment you have created for our group.”


Loving Care and Kindness Poured into Teacher Training

“Thanks, Lori, for being who you are and for all your hard work in putting this training together. The loving care and kindness that you have poured into it are deeply felt and deeply appreciated.”


Awesome Group Energy

“I am getting so much out of the Teacher Training. The group energy is awesome!”