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Brahman and Atman

Before we venture into the next sutra, it is helpful to understand the concept of Brahman and Atman. Brahman represents the infinite, unlimited, greater power of the universe, whatever that is for you. Yoga is not a religion and it does not tell you what to believe. It acknowledges that there is a power that is greater than ourselves, an underlying order to the universe that connects us all. Everyone has different names and different personal interpretations - God, Universal Reality, Allah, Mother Nature, Buddha nature, Tao, etc. It doesn't matter what you believe or what you call it - but whatever the big IT is for you, you are part of IT. And that individual divine aspect is called Atman. You can also think of Atman as your Soul, Self, Spirit. Atman is the sacred aspect of the individual. Brahman is the sacred aspect of the universal. But really where does one begin and the other end? You are a spark of the Divine fire of the universe. You are a drop in the universal ocean. There is no fire without the spark. There is no ocean without the drop. 

Tat Tvam Asi = "You are That."