This program ended on June 1, 2018. Points can be redeemed up until June 28, 2018.


The Prairie Yoga Rewards Program is FREE and provides our loyal customers with Reward Points for referring friends, booking classes online and purchasing classes, workshops or special events. Reward Points add up and can be used toward purchases at Prairie Yoga. New customers automatically receive an opt-in email to join the rewards program, with the option to unsubscribe and never receive another notification. Ongoing students can sign up for our rewards program when they log-into their account with us. Please search for your existing account and do not create a new account.

Earn Reward Points for Every Purchase: You will earn one reward point for each dollar spent. Each reward point is worth 5% of your purchase.

Earn 100 Reward Points For Referring a New Student: You earn 100 points each time you refer a client to us. The new student must name you when they fill out their new student form or create a profile in our online system.

Earn 1 Reward Point Each Time you Sign-Up For a Class or Workshop Online: These are extra points you earn every time you sign up for a class, workshop or special event online.

You May Start Redeeming Your Points When You Earn 500 Points: This is the minimum amount of points that you must earn to start redeeming your points. 500 points equals $25 in Rewards.

You May Redeem Reward Points Toward a Purchase and Pay the Rest by Another Means: 
If you want to redeem rewards points, you may use them as a credit toward a purchase and pay the rest with cash, check or credit card. If you don't have enough points to cover the total cost of a purchase on the Retail Screen, the system automatically will split sale (i.e., use another payment method to pay for what the points don't cover).

The Rewards Program Requires Opt-In: Like airline frequent flyer programs, our Rewards Program requires that you option into the Rewards Program online (we can’t do it for you in the studio). Upon logging into our online system you will be directed to the Rewards tab to enroll in the Rewards Program and a "Rewards Opt-In?" checkbox will display on your Profile Screen. Please do not create a new account unless you have never been to our studio before. Search for your existing account - if you have ever attended a class or an event at Prairie since July 1, 2013, you have an account in our system.

Rewards Points Do Not Expire: You can earn points for as long as you like. There is no cash or credit value for unused points that are not redeemed or if the Rewards Program is discontinued.

View Your Points Online: Log in and follow this menu path: My Info => My Account.


  • Points are not valid for cash back.
  • Purchases made using rewards points cannot be discounted purchases, therefore, points can only be used toward the full price of an item and not for early bird pricing. (Sorry we can’t work the system around this!).
  • Points are non-transferable and non-refundable – so make sure you purchase something you really want with your points!
  • Rewards points may not be shared or combined with other accounts.
  • Reward points can not be applied to prior purchases made before you have enabled your Rewards Program.
  • If you book a class or workshop online, and you cancel, then yes, you will lose the reward points that you gained from the original booking.
  • You will receive reward points for purchasing teacher trainings but you will not receive extra points for online sign-in of teacher training class meetings (you still have to manually sign-in on the roster sheet).

To participate in our Rewards Program, simply "Opt-in" when you create an account with us!