A Modern Practice Built on a Traditional Foundation

We are committed to helping students understand and practice yoga in its most authentic forms. We offer a contemporary approach based on current principles of anatomy and physiology and deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional yoga. Our multi-style teaching integrates techniques from: alignment-based yoga (Iyengar), vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, Ayurveda and yoga therapy. We use props as a teaching tool, and provide intelligent sequencing to safely guide you to deep levels of awareness. Students are often amazed at what they can safely experience in class and how good they feel afterwards.


What to Expect from our Trainings, Workshops and Classes

  • To learn from senior teachers who have been trained in well-respected methods of yoga, anatomy and yoga philosophy.
  • To be challenged and guided to deep levels of awareness.
  • To practice in a safe, supportive environment.
  • To be provided with clear and individualized instruction.
  • To explore all 8 limbs of yoga
  • To discover the transformative power of a comprehensive yoga practice.
  • And if you are studying to become a yoga teacher, to develop strong teaching skills, deep wisdom and be well equipt to share your knowledge with others.

Yoga for Everyone

We believe that yoga is for everyone– the young and the old, the stiff and the flexible, the novice and the experienced. We engage you at an appropriate level, whether it is making yoga more accessible or taking your practice to the next level. Our highly skilled faculty adapts the yoga practice to your individual needs, whether you are:

  • A serious yoga student looking to become a certified yoga teacher.
  • An experienced yoga practitioner seeking to take your practice to the next level.
  • A yoga instructor looking to expand your teaching skills.
  • A beginning student looking to improve your overall health.
  • An athlete who wants to improve your game.
  • A student seeking yoga therapy for a chronic illness or injury.
  • Looking for specialized yoga classes in plus size, trauma-sensitive, scoliosis, introduction to yoga, or Yoga Functional Suspension Training (Yoga FST).
  • Seeking one-on-one personal instruction.

Align Your Self®

Our yoga instruction classes emphasizes moving with mindfulness. When you align your body, breath and mind, yoga has tremendous power to heal and transform.


Slowing Down

We do not teach fast-paced yoga! Moving fast only reinforces bad habits. If you want to transform yourself into a healthy, vibrant being, you need to slow down, pay attention, align your self® and establish new and healthy habits. By challenging your own body and moving with intelligence, you generate the inner heat that creates long-term change and optimal health.


The 8 Limbs of Classical Yoga

Yama: social ethics to live in harmony with others

Niyama: personal ethics to live a balanced life

Asana: postures to build strength and flexibility so energy can flow freely

Pranayama: breath control to cleanse and strengthen the nervous system and increase your vital energy

Pratyahara: internalizing the senses to reduce external stimulation

Dharana: developing concentration and focus

Dhyana: sustaining one’s focus to enter into meditation

Samadhi: uniting with your Higher Self