Lori Gaspar founded Prairie Yoga in 2006 as an exclusive yoga teacher training school designed to develop the very best yoga teachers in the Midwest. And that is what Prairie Yoga continues to be known for.


From the beginning, Prairie Yoga has been dedicated to authentic yoga training. Lori, unfazed by the latest yoga fads, is passionate about training yoga teachers how to teach with integrity, incorporating techniques from well-established yoga styles and adapting the practice of yoga to all body types.


Prairie Yoga started as the Midwest's first locally based 500 hour Registered Yoga Alliance School and, soon after, added 200 hour trainings. These quickly spread to satellite programs in Michigan, and Indiana and more recently, Central Illinois. Since 2009 when we opened our home studio in Lisle, Prairie Yoga has become the yoga destination for serious yoga students who are looking for rigor and deep-study. In 2014, we expanded our center with a larger, second studio to accommodate our growing teacher training programs and workshop offerings.


Why Are We Called Prairie Yoga?

Prairie Yoga is based in what was once native Illinois prairie land. Did you know that prairie soil is the most fertile soil on earth? Some native prairie grasses have roots that are up to a mile deep and their decomposition provides the rich, deep, fertile soil for plant growth. Like the prairie, we provide the deep yoga roots and optimal foundation for your own personal growth and transformation.