All bodies, shapes and sizes are welcome at Prairie Yoga. You don't need special clothes or special abilities to practice yoga. If you have never been to our center before, here are some helpful suggestions.


  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move.
  2. Please bathe or shower before class.
  3. Do not wear perfume, essential oils or strong scents. Essential oils trigger migraines in some students.
  4. Avoid eating anything heavy before class.
  5. Bring your own mat, if possible. We have extra mats and all the props you need, but it is more sanitary to practice on your own mat.
  6. Bring a hand towel if you sweat excessively.
  7. Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to check-in and get your mat and props ready. The first few minutes of class will be spent getting quiet and centered. Arriving late disrupts the class, so please allow extra time to get here. On weekends and evenings, we lock the outer doors for security so if you arrive more than 5 minutes late, you may not enter the building.
  8. Remove your shoes at the door. Practice barefoot for better traction in poses and to activate the muscles in your feet.
  9. Turn off your cell phone prior to class.
  10. Bring valuables into the studio with you.
  11. Before class starts, inform the teacher if you have any health issues, injuries, recent surgeries, spinal conditions, or have any condition that needs to be monitored, such as glaucoma or high blood pressure. Please tell us if you are pregnant– we want to keep you and your baby safe.
  12. No food, drinks, or headphones are allowed in class.
  13. Be respectful of the sacredness of our class space. Pick up after the class is over. Place props neatly away where they belong.
  14. Students are not permitted to video record or audio record classes without the prior and written permission of Lori Gaspar, Director.
  15. If you use one of our mats, please clean it with the organic mat cleaner supplied in spray bottles on our shelves. Leave the mat on the floor to dry.
  16. And remember to enjoy yourself. Yoga is all about you! So if something doesn’t feel right, ease out of the pose and let us know. We may be able to make a suggestion that is just right for you.

Working your “edge.”

Yoga can be more strenuous than people think. To practice safely, it is important to understand that yoga is non-competitive and that you should advance only as your body is ready. Please listen to and respect your body’s sensations.


To progress in yoga, we work our “edge.” Our edge means feeling strong sensation, but never pain! As areas of your body beginning to open and strengthen, you may feel heat or mild discomfort in your muscles. This is okay.


BUT, if either of the following happens in your yoga practice, you need to back off immediately:

  1. Any time you feel strong sensation that is sharp or electric. This is pain. Never work through pain. You may only aggravate your condition.
  2. If you feel discomfort or pain in your joints, we may need to modify the practice for you, so ease out of the pose and let us know what you are feeling.

Yoga can be therapeutic and provide many health benefits, but there are some yoga poses that are not appropriate for certain people. As with any health program, if you have any medical concerns you should consult with your doctor to find out limitations you may have in your yoga practice. Please inform us if you have any injuries or health issues. While we will provide you with key alignment principles for you to practice and progress safely under normal conditions, ultimately, you are responsible for your own safe yoga practice.

Are you new to the studio?

Please fill out the New Student Form and bring with you to your first class.