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Yoga Basics 1

Learn the basics of yoga with an emphasis on healthy, safe alignment in the fundamental yoga postures. The class will focus on:

  • increasing flexibility and strength 
  • improving your posture and ability to balance
  • focusing and calming your mind
  • moving with the breath

This class is appropriate for beginners, as well as more experienced students who want a good, solid foundation in yoga basics. No experience necessary!

Multi-Style 1-2
This multi-style class is for experienced beginners and intermediate students looking to build greater strength and flexibility and improve their overall well-being. A wide variety of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques are taught. The teacher will give options and provide guidance so that all students can participate safely. 

Multi-Style 2-3
In this multi-style class, learn intermediate to advanced levels of yoga to challenge yourself and deepen your practice. Class emphasizes fine-tuning alignment in asana and the exploration of more subtle and advanced levels of practice, including pranayama. Includes inversions such as headstand and shoulder stand; arm balances; and back bends. For healthy, experienced students only.

Multi-Style All Levels
A flexible, open-formatted class that will gear itself toward the students that attend. The teacher will provide options for beginners as well as for those with more experience. 


Gentle Yoga
Ideal for anyone wanting a slower-paced class, as well as for beginners and those recovering from illness or injuries. Poses are modified and supported to make this class suitable for anyone regardless of age, body type or yoga experience.


Iyengar 1-2
This class is ideal for students new to yoga or new to the Iyengar method, as well as experienced students that want to establish strong, healthy alignment. You will learn basic movement principles so that you can perform standing poses, twists,inversions, light backbends and forward bends with intelligence and ease. If you ever found yourself wondering "what am I supposed to be doing in this pose" this class is for you. You will receive plenty of assistance and correction. This class is actively paced and progressively sequenced.


Iyengar 2
This class is for students familiar with the Iyengar method and emphasizes refinements for standing, forward bend, twists and back bending poses. Shoulder stand and variations are practiced regularly and headstand is introduced at this level.

Iyengar 2-3
Taught by a certified Iyengar teacher. Iyengar emphasizes alignment and technique within an intelligently sequenced class. Props are used to facilitate learning and provide support for less flexible students. This mindful approach is highly recommended for for those who want to deepen their understanding of alignment in asana, as well as those with back issues and other muscular or skeletal imbalances. The level 2-3 class is for experienced yoga students and includes inversions such as headstand and shoulderstand.

Mindful Vinyasa
Mindful vinyasa emphasizes combining the breath with movement to create transformation from the inside out. Postures flow seamlessly from one to the other to release tension, build self-awareness and develop healthy movement patterns. Underlying all movements is a strong emphasis on alignment and intelligent sequencing.

Restore with Sound
Reset your nervous system with restorative yoga and vibrational sound. Props comfortably support your body while the soothing ambient tones of Himalayan singing bowls and chimes induce a meditative state of extreme relaxation. Counteract the effects of chronic stress as you restore harmony to your body, mind and emotions.

Senior Yoga
Designed to help seniors or anyone with health challenges regain flexibility, strength, balance and concentration.

Therapeutic Yoga
For those who want to work on healing from injury, chronic conditions, or any other issue that needs extra-special attention. Each class will allow you to work within your capacity and be adapted for the needs of those who attend. Give yourself this time to focus on healing your body, mind and spirit.


Yoga Tune Up® 
Designed to mobilize, stabilize and strengthen the body through creative movement, experience a blend of yoga and therapeutic exercise principles through anatomical awareness and innovative sequences. Self-massage techniques enhance proprioception for movement and down-regulation for relaxation. Yoga Tune Up® offers relief from pain and tension, an increase in accessible range of motion, and an intimate understanding of your body’s unique architecture.

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Intro to Yoga
5-week class series
Thursdays, 7:00- 8:15 pm with Motomi Naito

New to yoga? This class will teach you the basics of yoga and will help you:
     increase strength and flexibility
     improve balance
     reduce stress and lower blood pressure
     improve mood to enhance your quality of life
     feel more energetic and look younger

Each session focuses on:
     safe and healthy body alignment
     fundamental seated, standing and reclining yoga poses
     breath awareness
     relaxation techniques
     simple, short forms of meditation

This is a supportive environment for anyone with a desire to improve their physical and mental health. Everyone will work within their own ability. You'll leave the class with the knowledge and confidence you need to continue onto our regular drop-in classes. Mats and other props are available for use free at the studio.

Plus-size Yoga
Mondays, 11:00 - 12:15 pm with Rachel Townsend
Thursdays 5:30- 6:45 pm with Rachel Townsend

Yoga is for everyone, including those of us in bigger bodies. As plus-sized yogis, Rachel and Elizabeth know that sometimes it can be hard to feel comfortable in a typical yoga classes, especially if you are just starting out on your yoga journey. In this plus size class, we explore adaptations for everybody. Come to a welcoming yoga class where we feel comfortable in our bodies just as we are today. Plus size yoga will stretch, strengthen and help bring you home to your body. Props will make each pose feel comfortable and you will be working with the body that you have today-exactly where you are. Have a great time as you grow your yoga practice with joy and kindness.

Yoga for Scoliosis
8-week class series

THIS CLASS SERIES IS DESIGNED FOR STUDENTS WITH SCOLIOSIS, a lateral curvature(s) of the spine.The focus is on lengthening the spine, de-rotation of the curve, and reducing compensatory patterns while standing, sitting, and lying down. Deepening the breath will be a major component during the sessions. Yoga poses offer relief with the use of traction, props, and relaxation to alleviate pain and discomfort. Understand your anatomy, as we assess your spine and map your curve in the first class. We will then work with what we learned and apply it to classic yoga poses adjusted for your specific curve.All levels are welcome from newbie to teacher.

Note: New students must first schedule a spine assessment with "DL" before attending the class series (which will help you diagnose your curve patterning). To get started, schedule a spinal assessment with Nancy "DL" Heraty at 708-404-YOGA or lizardwocw@gmail.com.