A favorite pose of many, this fundamental standing pose offers a number of benefits: tones the feet, ankles and legs; opens the hamstrings and hips; fosters a feeling of alignment, balance, harmony and openness.  

Keep these directions in mind next time you step into Trikonasana:  

  • To make sure your stance is long enough, reach your arms out shoulder height and align your ankles under your wrists.  
  • Turn the feet so that the front heel lines up with the arch of the back foot.  
  • Turn the front thighs away from each other, to activate the quadriceps.   
  • Side bend by tipping from the pelvis toward the front leg.  
  • Once you are in the side bend, re-establish grounding in the back foot. Press the outer heel into the mat as you lift your inner arch and inner ankle. Feel the stretch all along the outside of the back leg. Feel the lift all along the inner leg.  
  • Lengthen the sternum and crown of the head away from the hips.   
  • Turn and open your chest toward the sky.
  • Reach your top arm straight up. Lengthen the back side of the arm too!