Aum (Om)

In yoga, Aum (also spelled Om) is considered a sacred syllable. The syllable is sometimes referred to as the primordial mantra, the sound that all sounds sprang from. However you believe the universe was created, the first thing that happened was a vibration. Sound is vibration, so in yoga the sound of Aum symbolizes the beginning of the universe. When you chant the sound of Aum, you are symbolically uniting yourself with your Creator, your inner Self and all the other energies in the universe.

Chanting Aum is a great way to feel centered and grounded. In a group, it helps unite the class.

To learn how to chant Aum: Break it into 3 parts:

  1. First, sit in an upright and comfortable position with the chest lifted, the eyes closed and the hands in prayer position at the heart center.
  2. Allow the “ahhhh” sound to rise from the pelvic floor and move into low belly.
  3. Continue with the “ohhhh” sound rising into the chest and heart center. (the “u” is pronounced like a long “o”).
  4. Finish with the “mmmm” sound moving into the head and finally vibrating out the crown.
  5. Blend all three parts together into one continuous sound.
  6. Pause for a few moments to feel the resonance of the sound you have just created.