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Dr. J P Davé

Dr. J P Davé came from India to this country as a Fulbright Scholar in 1959, earning a Ph.D. in Education at the University of Chicago. He later earned a PsyD. in Clinical Psychology and was a Professor of Psychology at Governors Sate University until 2000. He works as a consultant and educator at Desert Garden Montessori School in Phoenix, AZ.
Dr. Dave has devoted his personal and professional life to integrating the best of Eastern and Western approaches to psychology, healing, education, and spirituality. He conducts meditation and stress management workshops in India and in the USA, and has produced Integrative Meditation, a CD/DVD based on his research on holistic wellness. Currently he is writing a book, Mindful Parenting: An Inner Work.
Vigorous at 93 years old, Dr. Dave practices mindfulness meditation and yoga every day. He welcomes his students, clients, and friends to remain in touch. His e-mail is Feel free to contact him.

Dr. J P Davé is currently not instructing any classes.