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Laurie Streff and Dawn Adams

Laurie Streff is a movement educator and teacher trainer passionate about inspiring people to prioritize self-care. Through exploratory movement and restorative techniques, she is especially excited to share the principles of therapeutic mobility and myofascial release. Laurie is a IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist and a proud ambassador of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®. Laurie is also the Managing Director of Teachers and Trainers for Tune Up Fitness Worldwide.

Dawn Adams, RYT-500, ERYT-200, YACEP found Yoga Tune Up® in 2011 when she was researching movement and self-care solutions for low back. After acquiring her first pair of YTU therapy balls, she dove head in to the Yoga Tune Up® training and became an integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher. She finds the interplay between self-massage and functional movement key in maintaining the body and improving range of motion, ease of movement and ultimately performance. In her teaching, she seeks to instill a sense of exploration, with a focus on finding balance and joy through practice.

Laurie Streff and Dawn Adams instructs the following:
  • Yoga Tune Up Master Class: Hips Focus/Triangle Tune Up
  • Yoga Tune Up® Master Classes are workshop-style classes that deconstruct and reconstruct movement with embodied anatomy essentials. They are taught within the 42 hour Level 1 Certification Training and are open to the public. These classes are for those who cannot commit to the whole training or who want to gain a better understanding of the work before taking the training in the future. They are also a great way for Yoga Tune Up® certified teachers to revisit the work without the demands of being in a teacher training.
    Hips Focus/Triangle Tune Up
    This class disassembles Triangle and Twisted Triangle poses and deeply analyzes hip range of motion from every conceivable angle. If these poses have been a bugaboo in the past, this class will clarify where your hips may need some extra attention. Class also includes deep core work.
    $55 per session
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments.

  • Yoga Tune Up Level 1 Certification
  • No class Wednesday, September 26, 2018
    Saturday – Tuesday and Thursday – Saturday,
    10:30 am – 5:30 pm (with 1 hour break)
    42 Contact Hours
    This 42 Hour Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Certification training delves into integrated anatomy, physiology and body mechanics while helping you discover a fresh approach to teaching and leadership for any movement modality (no prior yoga experience necessary). Go beyond formulaic instruction and become an informed innovator who teaches and coaches creatively every time. Learn to “embody your body” through a step-by-step process that creates memorable, accessible classes. Refresh your love of teaching and learn multi-sensory education tactics to help students and clients of every age and condition to live better in their bodies.

    Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Learning Objectives:
    • Develop proficiency of performing Yoga Tune Up® movement exercises for self-care
    • Develop proficiency with the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
    • Increase classroom programming possibilities for all movement disciplines by learning multiple regression and progression strategies based on Yoga Tune Up® methodology
    • Polish classroom leadership and presentational skills through expanding cue-sets, verbal delivery and acknowledging student’s context
    • Learn and demonstrate hands-on-help moves to assist others in learning Yoga Tune Up® movement exercises
    • Learn and demonstrate a basic use of Yoga Tune Up® self-massage techniques using Yoga Tune Up® Balls
    • Foster a relationship to anatomy research by doing classroom work and nightly homework
    • Utilize and incorporate feedback integration from lead trainer and assistants throughout the week from written and presentational homework
    • Bond with like-minded movement professionals and build a network of trust amongst cross-disciplinary educators
    • Demonstrate and teach memorable, accessible and effective Yoga Tune Up® classes
    • Demonstrate proficiency of Yoga Tune Up® Methodology in a written take home exam
    • Learn and identify the direct relationships between yoga poses (or other 'fitness' styles) and their functional correlate movement patterning in daily life activities
    • Learn critical thinking strategies to discern which poses/movements are beneficial to certain body types and which should be avoided and why

    Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Certification Required Hours
    42 Total Contact Hours
    28 Non-Contact Hours
    72 Total Hours
    • Techniques/Training/Practice – 16 contact/8 non-contact hours
    • Teaching Methodology – 5 contact hours/2 non-contact hours
    • Anatomy & Physiology – 10 contact Hours/16 non-contact hours
    • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle – 3 contact hours/2 non-contact hours
    • Practicum – 8 contact hours
    This training is open to yoga teachers, group fitness instructors, clinicians, massage therapists, personal trainers, and movement professionals.

    Note: Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Certification is focused on anatomy, physiology and human architecture as it relates to movement, and is not a therapy ball based training. Introduction and use of the YTU Therapy Balls are a part of this training, but not the focus.
    $1095 by Friday, August 24, 2018;
    $1195 thereafter
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments

  • Yoga Tune Up Master Class: Shoulder Focus towards Down Dog
  • Shoulder Focus towards Down Dog
    Break down Down Dog before your Dog has a breakdown. Shoulder mobility, or lack thereof, can create multiple obstacles for doing this pose efficiently and harmoniously. Learn dozens of new shoulder tactics to improve this pose for the long-term while "un-tacking" trouble spots in the shoulder girdle.
    $55 per session
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments.

  • Yoga Tune Up Master Class: Restorative Hips Day
  • Restorative Hips Day
    Learn a profoundly relaxing sequence that restores motion and length to the entire hip joint. Reclaim your hips with this stealth sequence that unglues even the most reluctant of joints to become nimble, supple and supportive. Bonus pranayama sequences also assure rejuvenating deep rest.
    $55 per session
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments.

  • Yoga Tune Up Master Class: Core and Spinal Rotation
  • Core and Spinal Rotation
    This class explores the roots of total spinal rotation. Core musculature will be toned and lengthened from every vector. Your spine will learn to relate better to the pelvis for safe and connected twists from root to crown.
    $55 per session
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments.

  • Yoga Tune Up Master Class: Core and Backbend
  • Core and Backbend
    A spine prepares for backbends by understanding its own coordination, mobilization and limitations. This class digs through layers of core musculature to help you connect with the innermost abdominals to improve your performance of every category of backbend.
    $55 per session
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments.