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Cathy Hall

Cathy Hall, 500-CYT, teaches yoga with an emphasis on alignment. She has been practicing yoga since 1999 and has been teaching since 2015. Cathy studies with Lori Gaspar, Linda Troutman and Marinda Stopworth at Prairie Yoga where she received her 200 Hour and 500 Hour teacher training certificates. Cathy has taken various workshops with national yoga teachers such as Tias Little, Baxter Bell, Jules Mitchell and Julie Gudmestad. She recently retired as a corporate manager after a 31 year career and feels yoga has improved her golf game.

Cathy Hall instructs the following:
  • Multi-style Yoga 1-2
  • This multi-style class is for experienced beginners and intermediate students looking to build strength and flexibility and improve their overall well-being. A wide variety of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques are taught. The teacher will give options and provide guidance so that all students can participate safely. 

  • Yoga to Ease Back Pain
  • (6) Wednesdays

    Does your back hurt at times? It could be from poor posture while sitting, a general lack of movement, a reliance on back muscles in place of leg and/or core muscles, or even stress. Most people have experienced occasional or chronic back pain and some might have even learned to live with it. See how you may benefit from yoga that focuses on lengthening the spine, strengthening and stretching muscles, and relaxation.

    In this 6 week class series you will learn:
    • how yoga can ease your back pain with simple postures that you can do at home
    • learn proper alignment of the spine and how to maintain it while sitting, standing and relaxing
    • how to create a healthy balance of flexibility and stability of your muscles, ligaments and joints so that your body can work as a unit with integrity.
    If you have been diagnosed with specific back ailments such as SI joint instability, periformis syndrome, arthritis, disc disease or osteoporosis, you will learn what poses are recommended for you. Please obtain your doctor’s approval before starting this series. This course is foundational and designed for beginner students.
    $125 by Wednesday, September 5, 2018;
    $140 thereafter
    Drop in Fee: $25
    4.5% fee added for credit card payments.