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Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall, 500 RYT, LMT, has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and teaching for over 5. She is a graduate of Prairie Yoga's 200 hour and 500 hour teacher training. She has also trained with a variety of teachers who have a wide range of yoga practices behind them, everything from Ashtanga to Tantra. This experience gives her teaching style a unique mixture to pull from, resulting in fun-filled classes that leaves you feeling de-stressed, refreshed and liberated! Rachel is also a licensed traditional massage and Thai massage therapist, and she uses that knowledge of the body to guide her students safely into a deeper asana practice. Rachel continues to take workshops and classes to expand her knowledge so she can give her students the best class experience possible.

Rachel Hall instructs the following:
  • Myofascial Yoga
  • (5) Wednesdays
    Have you ever had that stiff, creaky, achy feeling in your body? It's not quite muscle ache, but a feeling that can be felt in different places at various times. Most of us have, and it could actually be the fascia in your body causing the ache, not your muscles. Fascia is a sheet of tissue, made up of densely packed protein fibers that weaves through your entire body. It helps bind and support your bones, muscles, and even your organs.

    In this 5 week series, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what fascia is, how it works in your body, and how you can release your fascia for a deeper asana practice. With 11 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Rachel has a vast amount of knowledge that she can share with you on this topic. Each class will provide you with a few self massage techniques for fascial release using props or your hands, as well as an asana practice based around the areas you've massaged. Combining these two modalities into one class will aid in healthier muscles and tissues, as well as a greater understanding of how to take care of your own body.
    $100 by Wednesday, September 26, 2018;
    $110 thereafter
    *4.5% fee added for credit card payments.