Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
500 Hour Certification


We offer a flexible, comprehensive program designed to strengthen, expand and refine your teaching and sequencing skills. Study yoga philosophy and energetics in-depth and develop expertise in adaptation and therapeutic yoga. Those who pursue the full 500 hour certification become specialized and highly skilled yoga teachers who can make a living teaching private lessons, specialized classes and focused workshops to a wide variety of students.


300+ hours For Graduates of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs
Completion of all coursework leads to 500 Hour yoga teacher certification
All courses may be taken as continuing education without pursuing certification


What you can expect:

  • to achieve new clarity and confidence in your teaching - in your observational skills, verbal instruction, visual demonstration and manual adjustments
  • to sequence with intelligence, depth and understanding
  • to be able to adapt and modify the practice of yoga for students with common conditions and special populations: back, hip and shoulder issues; depression, cancer, prenatal, seniors and more
  • to be able to teach the subtleties of pranayama and meditation
  • to incorporate the principles of Ayurveda into your daily life, personal pracitce and teaching
  • to assimilatie a substantial body of philosophical information which can be incorporated into your practice, your teaching and your daily life
  • to develop a yoga niche and develop marketable speciality workshops/classes by the end of the 500 hour training 

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Click on links at right to see the full list of requirements, course schedules and registration information. Course modules are offered on Tuesdays and Weekends.