Children’s Yoga Teacher Training                   

with Mira Binzen
95 Hour Global Family Yoga Certification
For those interested in working with children in the classroom or at home

Meets one weekend per month for 6 monthsPartnerbridge - web: January 27-June 24, 2018
Jan 27-28 / Feb 24-25 / March 24-25 / April 21-22 / May 19-20 / June 23-24

This comprehensive training program is for yoga teachers who wish to specialize in teaching Yoga to children. This program will give you the specialized tools and techniques for making Yoga engaging, effective and safe for kids of all ages. Once completed, you will have the necessary training required to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT). You must also complete 30 hours of teaching after you are certified before you can register.

This training will teach you:
  • Sound Child Development Principles. When you understand where a child is at developmentally, you can plan a practice that is safe and engaging. This is at the heart of our training and you will gain the confidence to meet each child as they are.
  • Sensory Integration. Each child responds to the world based on how they perceive it through the senses. Learn what sensory integration is and how it influences a child’s mood, behavior and ability to learn. The practice of Yoga supports optimal sensory functioning so you can help kids feel good on all levels.
  • Cooperative Classroom Strategies. Every behavior emitted is an attempt to meet a need. Learn how to recognize the need behind the behavior. You will also learn techniques that create calm, positive energy in your yoga classes - and your life.
  • Yoga Nidra. This is a deeply transformative practice. Yoga nidra sessions during the training will help to integrate your learning experiences. You will then learn how to deliver this practice to children. Help them learn to self-regulate and develop self-mastery.
  • Personal Practice. There is no nurturing anyone until you have nurtured yourself. Develop or transform your personal practice to become a deep well of energy, inspiration and calm. We strive to help you live a life of purpose, connection and ease.
  • Lots of Yoga Techniques! You will learn a catalog of techniques – breathing, postures, relaxation, mudras, meditation and more. All designed to be safe, engaging and effective for each child’s developmental need.
  • Fun! When was the last time you got to gather with a group of amazing people to laugh and play for days? 
Our comprehensive training is grounded in hands-on learning and when it comes to kids, that means FUN!

Free Sampler: Children's Yoga Teacher Training with Mira Binzen

Saturday, December 9, 2017, 10:30 am -12:30 pm

This free, informative session is intended for educators, health care professionals, yoga instructors, coaches, parents and anyone passionate about this revolution in children's wellness.

In this playful and interactive workshop you will:
  • Learn about our 95-Hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training Certification to take place at Prairie Yoga starting January 30, 2016.
  • Meet Mira Binzen, the instructor of the certification program, and have the opportunity to ask her all your questions in a welcoming environment.
  • Play Games! Learn fun yoga games to play with kids at home or in the classroom.
  • Discover the three levels of teaching you will need to facilitate an effective, engaging, FUN and safe yoga practice for children.
  • Both practice and discussion are included so dress comfortably and be ready to play.
  • Children are welcome!
FREE: Pre-registration required