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Yoga Sutra 1.3

Yoga Sutra 1.3
tada drastuh svarupe vasthanam
Then, the seer abides in his/her own nature/essence

Why do we want to reduce the fluctuations of the mind? The third sutra explains - so we can see and dwell in our own individual divine essence (Atman aka as our Soul, Spirit, Self). Typically, our Spirit is clouded by our fluctuating thoughts. Think of a lake, the water is transparent when quiet and still but the water becomes cloudy when disturbed by waves. Thus the swirling thoughts of the thinking mind creates a veil and we can't see our own sacredness clearly. We can't hear our true voice. We say and do things that don't align with who we really are and this causes us unhappiness. We make choices that are not always in our best interest. We may feel pressured by others or society and think this is what we are supposed to do or think or believe. We are not living an authentic life. We look for happiness outside of ourselves and are never satisfied. When we reduce the fluctuations, the veil lifts and we start to connect with who we really are. And what we really are is unique and sacred and connected to the universal divine. We discover that the answers to our life's purpose are within. We speak and live our truth. We make better decisions. This is not a selfish endeavor. Living authentically helps us connect with others in a meaningful way. Our relationships improve. We tap into our unique talents and gifts and use them in service to others. When we practice yoga, who we are and why we are here become clear, we make healthy choices, and we become more fulfilled. Wow - that is a big promise! Well, it doesn't happen overnight. More to come...


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