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Yoga Sutra 1.1

Yoga Sutra 1.1 
atha yoga anusasanam
Now, the instruction of yoga

This year on my blog and on FB, I am going to post the Yoga Sutras in general order with a short commentary. The comments are my own and I may not cover everything, just how I am interpreting the sutra at that moment. I may skip some or cluster others depending upon what makes sense to me. Feel free to question or comment below.

Today we start with the first sutra - Patanjali states that from here onward the instructions for yoga will be provided. "Now" - is an important word. Yoga is about living and practicing in the present moment, not the past or future. Throughout your yoga practice, pause and observe what is arising. Dont think about what you are going to do next, or what you did before. Then take that into your daily life. When you are washing dishes, wash the dishes. When you are talking to someone, listen and give them your full attention. Yoga teaches us to live in the NOW.