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Tricia Fiske and Lili Gray

Tricia Fiske and Lili Gray instructs the following:
  • Yoga For Creating Emotional Balance
  • (4) Mondays
    Join Tricia Fiske, Ba 500-RYT and Lili Gray, MSSA, LCSW, trainer for evidence based treatment for trauma, for a unique workshop the offers you tools to use in your yoga practice to quiet and calm you nervous system, even in the midst of a challenge.

    Do you feel as though you over react to small things? Do frustrations or disappointments ruin your day? Do you find yourself ruminating or unable to let go?

    Emotional regulation cannot be learned in a moment of distress, but is a skill you can learn and practice to see positive changes in your daily life. This workshop will teach tools and skills to use in your yoga practice, including asana, pranayama, meditation and self-inquiry (journaling and/or drawing) to quiet and calm yourself, effectively down-regulating your inner distress even during challenging times.
    $140 by Monday, October 30, 2017;
    $160 thereafter
    *4.5% fee added for credit card payments.