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Dale Johnson

Dale Johnson, 200 RYT has been practicing yoga for 10 years, teaching for 3 years and performing YogaFST for 4 years. Dale started his yoga practice when recovering from a second L5/S1 microdiscechtomy in 2007. Like many who come to practice yoga, it started with a desire to recover and heal from an injury. And like many who stay with the practice, Dale found a much deeper connection to mind, body and spirit through yoga. Taking an eclectic approach to yoga, Dale combines the alignment principles of the Iyengar method, the meditation in movement of vinyasa, long holds and principles of yin, and the new understanding of the role of the muscular/fascial matrix of Tom Meyers in his classes. Dale’s philosophy behind YogaFST is to teach a new, fun way of building body strength that will enhance one’s yoga practice and provide balance in life.

Dale Johnson instructs the following:
  • YogaFST: Functional Suspension Training
  • FREE Sample Class
    What if you could practice alignment inspired yoga and movement based strength training at the same time - creating lean, strong and supple muscle? That’s the premise behind YogaFST (Functional Suspension Training). You already practice yoga. Now, combine suspension training with your yoga practice and create a new level of strength and awareness in your body, mind and spirit. The focus, breath, awareness and alignment of your traditional yoga practice is the foundation of YogaFST.

    With YogaFST, you will be introduced to suspension training using resistance bands in a 75 minute yoga class. Combining the two in this unique way offers strength in full range of motion, exploration of the underdeveloped senses of proprioception (the ability of the mind to sense where your body is moving in space) and interception (the ability of the mind to feel the inside of the body) using instability. You will engage your core strength and notice its effect on your balance.
    Class maximum: 8 Students
    Not appropriate for beginner students and those with recent injuries or chronic pain.

    All suspension equipment will be provided. We recommend you wear yoga socks with gripper bottoms to provide traction.

    Not intended for beginner yoga students.