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Michael Taylor

J. Michael Taylor is a certified Iyengar teacher and has practiced yoga since 1987. Having played sports all his life, yoga helped him develop flexibility and heal his injuries. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers in the western suburbs. He started apprenticing with Gabriel Halpern at Yoga Circle, Chicago in 1989 and began teaching soon after. He has studied for many years with Senior Iyengar teachers, Lois Steinberg and Laurie Blakeney. His teaching places a strong emphasis on alignment and the use of props to facilitate learning. Michael’s great sense of humor keeps his students laughing. Yoga gives him the energy to teach photography at College of DuPage and play music, dance, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Michael Taylor instructs the following:
  • Pranayama: The Art of Yogic Breathing
  • (6) Tuesdays
    June 6 - July 18, 2017 (no class July 4)

    Join J. Michael for a 6-week course exploring the fundamentals of pranayama (breath control). Each class will set a foundation for succeeding stages of breathwork. We’ll start supine, exploring the natural movement of the breath. Then, we’ll begin to channel and shape the breath. You’ll learn how to sit properly for seated pranayama and learn the basics of digital pranayama. Like a finely crafted instrument, we train our fingers to regulate the steady and smooth flow of the breath.

    This course will teach you:
    • how to use asana to quiet the nervous system in preparation for pranayama
    • the appropriate prop set up for your supported supine pranayama
    • the appropriate supported seat for your seated pranayama
    • yogic breathing, sama vritti, viloma, ujjayi, bhramari, jalandhara bandha and beginning digital breathwork
    • the energetic effects of channeling prana through breathwork
    • safety guidelines
    This course is open to ALL interested students. 
    $108 early price by Tuesday, May 30, 2017;
    $120 thereafter
    4.5% added fee for credit card transactions.
    Must sign up for the whole series.
    No pro-rating available. 

  • Iyengar 2-3
  • Taught by a certified Iyengar teacher. Iyengar emphasizes alignment and technique within an intelligently sequenced class. Props are used to facilitate learning and provide support for less flexible students. This mindful approach is highly recommended for for those who want to deepen their understanding of alignment in asana, as well as those with back issues and other muscular or skeletal imbalances. The level 2-3 class is for experienced yoga students and includes inversions such as headstand and shoulderstand.