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Tricia Fiske

B.A., 500 E-RYT, has been a student of yoga since 1997 and a teacher since 1999. She is primary faculty for Prairie Yoga’s Teacher Training Programs. Tricia is a leader in the west suburban yoga community and has trained and influenced many teachers in the area. She finds joy in her students realizing their personal power and strength. Tricia follows the Six Gems of ParaYoga in practice and teaching: DHARMA: destiny and surrendering into that which you are born to be; TANTRA– self mastery over mind and prana; VIDYA– science and seated wisdom; AGNI– fire, becoming powerful to release those things that hold us back; PARAMPARA– honoring the Source, and NONDUALITY.
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Tricia Fiske instructs the following:
  • Meditation - Know Your Self
  • (4) Wednesdays
    December 6-27, 2017
    • December 6 - Bliss Meditation
    • December 13 - Mantra Mediation
    • December 20 - Yoga Nidra
    • December 27 - Healing Heart Meditation
    We live in two worlds, the external world of work, family, and community and the internal world of our deepest reality and "self" perception. The goal is to live skillfully in both of these worlds and learn to balance them. Meditation helps guide us through the desire to know ourselves on all levels and to become more loving, dynamic and creative in the external world.

    We will begin with 15 minutes of gentle yoga to relax the nervous system, then practice a different type of meditation each week, from breath work to visualization, to explore the inner world and find what is most relevant and useful for us. This class is useful for both creating a meditation practice and deepening an existing one. Time is allowed at the end of each class for questions and discussion.
    $100 for all 4 classes by Friday, December 1, 2017;
    $115 thereafter
    $30 for individual classes
    Drop-ins welcome!
    4.5% transaction fee added for credit card payments.
    Open to all students - from beginners to experienced students.

  • Tantric Vinyasa
  • Tantric Vinyasa utilizes breath-synchronized movement and sequencing to direct energy toward a specific intention. For example, the focus of the class may be on a particular vayu, guna, or chakra. Practice includes the use of asana, pranayama, chanting, bandhas, mudras, and meditation. Geared toward experienced students who want to move their practice deeper and explore the subtle energy body. 

  • Multi-Style Yoga All Levels
  • A flexible, open-formatted class that will gear itself toward the students that attend. The teacher will provide options for beginners as well as for those with more experience.